Introducing The Second Cohort Of The Fuel Ambassador Program

We're excited to reopen the Fuel Ambassador Program and invite the second cohort of 7 new ambassadors to join us in bringing true scalability to the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.

Introducing The Second Cohort Of The Fuel Ambassador Program

Fuel and Sway communities have demonstrated remarkable organic growth, driven by a high level of passion and engagement. We are excited to highlight the success of the Fuel Ambassador Program, which has already been running for a quarter and includes 10 dedicated Fuel Ambassadors. Ambassadors play a crucial role in fostering the Fuel community and sharing our vision with the world.

Today, we have the pleasure of reopening the doors of the Fuel Ambassador Program to 7 new ambassadors. Join our mission to create a thriving community of developers and advocates who aim to bring true scalability to the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. Our Fuel Ambassadors help educate others about Fuel and Sway, spreading awareness and inspiring innovation within the modular blockchain space.

Overview of the current ambassadors' work

We appreciate the work the current Ambassadors have contributed to the program. They have been consistently dedicated to our mission and have played a crucial role in the growth of the Fuel and Sway communities. Their efforts in educating others, creating content, and offering support have helped spread awareness and generate an increasing interest in our project.

Our Fuel Ambassadors have effectively utilized their skills and passion to contribute positively to our cause. As we plan to expand our network and welcome new members, we acknowledge the accomplishments of our existing ambassadors and anticipate further development of our community.

Here is an overview of the best articles from our ambassadors:

SwayGang: Beyond building decentralized applications (SwayLend) and participating in Fuel hackathons, SwayGang has been an incredible resource for our Developer Community. Here are some of their best pieces:

How to Write a Smart Contract on Sway with Transfer, Deposit, and Other Basic Functions
This tutorial builds upon the tutorial on how to issue your own token on the fuel testnet using Rust SDK. It shows you how to work with…
How to deploy your own token on Fuel Testnet using Rust SDK?
In the continuation of this topic, I wrote a tutorial on how to work with tokens. This tutorial walks you through the process of issuing…

Dm wrote a piece on the current scalability problems of blockchains, some potential paths to solve them, and finally how Fuel contributes to the space:

Today, tomorrow and beyond for the blockchains
The modular future is here

Brandon Surh wrote a great explainer on what predicates are and how they work:

A Look at Predicates in Sway
What are Predicates?

Dogan: Dogan has shown a great spirit way before becoming an ambassador and has been one of the most active ambassadors and moderators. He and other Turkish ambassadors like 0xBasar and Doruk Tiryaki also co-founder of the Thunder NFT Marketplace — have been pushing Fuel tremendously via educational content on Twitter personally and have even decided to launch Fuel Network Türkiye to help us grow the Turkish community.

Being incredible moderators is one thing, but 0xGolden and Eason have also shown a real dedication to the Fuel Network by launching regional communities (Fuel 中文频道), translating content from Fuel in other languages, and updating the Fuel Community on a weekly basis about the latest news of the network.

Not to mention Huzmønd who's greatly expanded Fuel's reach in France by spreading our vision during french reunions and conferences.

Who can join?

We have initially welcomed 10 applicants as the inaugural group of Fuel Ambassadors, with plans to expand the program after each quarter. If you're interested in applying to become a Fuel Ambassador, consider the following criteria:

  1. You are a passionate developer eager to educate others about Fuel and Sway while staying at the forefront of blockchain technology.
  2. You may not be a developer, but you have a deep understanding of the blockchain paradigm and are enthusiastic about the fastest modular execution layer's future.
  3. You are patient and an effective communicator.
  4. You don’t live in an OFAC country.
Note that all ambassadors will be subject to KYC checks to receive monetary rewards.

How is the Program structured?

The Fuel Ambassador Program is organized into five tiers, each with increasing rewards and responsibilities.

As an ambassador, you will need to complete various tasks each month (such as translating content, moderating chats, writing articles, creating tutorials, and more) to receive rewards.

At the end of each quarter, the highest-ranking ambassadors will be promoted to the next tier.

Any enrolment in the program or promotion to the next tier can be revoked at any time if you don't live up to the program's expectations or don’t respect other members.

Apply now

Application window will be open from today (March 29th) until April 3rd at 6 pm CET.

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