Burner Wallet + Fuel = 🔥

Burner Wallet has been a mainstay of Ethereum technology over the past two years, being used in hundreds of settings at Ethereum’s largest events. The success of the Burner Wallet has come from the focusing on providing an easy UX that beginners can easily use.

Burner Wallet + Fuel = 🔥
Fuel Labs and Burner Wallet team up for world takeover

Today we release an experimental version of Burner Wallet powered by Fuel.

One important factor in this user experience is ensuring that transactions can process quickly, reliability and with little-to-no transaction fee. While Burner Wallets typically use the xDai chain to power these fast & cheap transactions, optimistic rollups are opening the door to a new family of scaling technology.

Over the past few weeks, the Burner Wallet and Fuel teams have been busy closely collaborating on a wallet effort, the Fuel Burner Wallet.

Today we launch an experimental version of Burner using the Fuel open-beta optimistic rollup side chain running on Görli.

Fuel is a trustless scalable sidechain that leverages the optimistic rollup design paradigm to (1) lower the cost of transactions, (2) increase throughput to thousands of TPS, and (3) enables a better user experience with seamless transactions.

Using the Burner Wallet 2 framework, anyone can now create a wallet using the Fuel open-beta technology. These wallets can support any existing Ethereum asset (ERC20 tokens in addition to native Ether) and provide low-cost, high-throughput transactions.

The Wallet

Without further ado, checkout the open-source Fuel Burner Wallet!

Try it Out!

(1) Open the burner.fuel.sh wallet on mobile, (2) faucet yourself FakeDai, (3) vote by sending FakeDai to either the For or Against ProgPow addresses.

React App
The first ever live coin vote on an optimistic rollup regarding ProgPow Ethereum.

Video Walkthrough

Fuel Plugin

The Fuel integration was built as a plugin for the modular Burner Wallet 2 framework. Developers who wish to integrate Fuel tokens into their wallet can do so by adding only a few lines of code to their project:

import { FuelGateway, FuelAsset } from ‘fuel-burner-plugin’;

const fuelFakeDai = new FuelAsset({
  id: ‘fakeDai’,
  name: ‘FakeDai’,
  network: ‘5’, // Goerli testnet
  address: ‘0xCF852d1295fD158D43D58ceD47F88f4f4ab0931C’,
  icon: ‘/static/fakedai.png’,

const core = new BurnerCore({
  signers: [new LocalSigner()],
  gateways: [new FuelGateway()],
  assets: [fuelFakeDai],

Check out the sample Fuel Burner Wallet on Github for the full code.

As the Fuel project progresses, the Burner Factory will add support for Fuel-powered assets as well. This will allow both new and existing Ethereum tokens to be added to a Burner Wallet and easily transferred.

In Conclusion

Together, Fuel Labs and Burner Wallet are working on the next generation of Ethereum payments technology. As both teams are currently running off of grants, we would deeply appreciate your support.

Donate to Fuel Labs:

Donate to Burner Wallet Factory:

Fuel Links:
Website fuel.sh
Github: github.com/fuellabs
Twitter @FuelLabs_

Burner Wallet Links:
Website: burnerwallet.co
Github: github.com/burner-wallet
Twitter: @DMihal / Austin Griffith

Fuel Burner Wallet Codebase (under Apache-2.0):

Fuel in NodeJS in under 10 Minutes
Setup, faucet and transfer using Fuel with NodeJS
Build your own customized Burner Wallet (without the Burner Factory)
This guide will explain how to use the Burner Wallet 2 libraries to easily build your own custom wallet.