Introducing Fuel’s New Grants Program: Sparking Further Innovation in the Modular Ecosystem

Become a part of the second Fuel Grants cohort and receive up to $50,000 USD in funding for a three-month opportunity to bring your ideas to life.

Introducing Fuel’s New Grants Program: Sparking Further Innovation in the Modular Ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Fuel’s highly anticipated grants program, designed to support and empower innovators in the modular blockchain ecosystem. The program introduces an exciting quarterly cohort model, allowing a select group of 10 projects to receive up to $50,000 USD in funding for a three-month opportunity to bring their ideas to life. We believe that by nurturing groundbreaking initiatives and connecting them with prominent venture capital firms, we can foster the Fuel ecosystem to revolutionize the web3 landscape.

Get Support from Leaders in the Scalability Space

Each quarter, a maximum of 10 projects will be inducted into the grant program. These projects will have the chance to access Fuel’s technical, marketing and legal teams to guide the development of their ideas/integrations. At the end of the quarter, participants will showcase their progress and present their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) during an exclusive demo day with some prominent backers in the Web3 space. The following will be taking part in Q3’s demo day:

Application Details

The application period for the upcoming Q3 cohort opens on Wednesday June 21st, and closes on Wednesday, July 5th. We encourage applicants to submit project ideas that truly aim to leverage Fuel's modular technology stack, specifically focusing on Predicates (enabling stateless account abstraction for example) and multiple native asset support. Additionally, having a dedicated team committed to building on Fuel, a clear outline of fund utilization, and a demonstrated progression towards project development are key aspects we consider. Teams showcasing their ability to market their projects to end-users, as well as presenting a comprehensive roadmap and expansion plan, will be given strong preference too. 

Here are some guidelines to consider when completing your application:

  1. Fuel’s predicates and UTXO model can enable a whole new approach of building web3 solutions. Spend time understanding these concepts to come up with unique problem-solving methods to push the limits of what's possible. Redefine Web3 UX with Fuel.
  2. Get to the point - Try explaining your project’s value proposition in a direct and concrete manner. Avoid overly exaggerating the proposition with illustrious visions or project comparisons.
  3. Don’t over complicate your project’s description with unnecessary wording or jargon. The easier it is to understand your project, the easier it will be to process the application. 
  4. Avoid vague statements/claims and instead employ precise numbers and facts to set your application apart. Nearly every Web3 project claims to decentralise X to give ownership to Y. Try to focus on what truly makes your project unique with actual evidence to support your thesis.

Focus Areas

As part of the current cohort selection, we are particularly interested in projects that bring fresh and unique concepts to the Fuel ecosystem but what can Fuel offer your project? 

  1. Modularity: Designed to run everywhere in different configurations with the modular blockchain paradigm in mind.
  2. Vertical integration: Everything from the VM, Sway and tooling Forc is designed to work well with each other in a single cohesive developer experience.
  3. Execution: A new blazingly fast FuelVM and parallel transaction execution with a UTXO based transaction model.
  4. Interoperability: Our design is inherently good at bridging between blockchains, perfect for interoperability and portability between chains.

Ideas for what to build or integrate on Fuel

While we appreciate the creativity and ingenuity of all ideas, we encourage applications to look at what our current ecosystem looks like here. Our goal is to identify projects that push boundaries and create meaningful experiences for users beyond the web3 landscape. Here are some ideas that Fuel is looking for in its ecosystem: 

Categories for things you can build:

  • Defi (Perpetuals, Yield Aggregators, Micropayments, Prediction/Auction markets, DeSci, ReFi)
  • Infrastructure and Tooling 
  • Web3 Social
  • Gaming and GameFi with a high priority on UX and gameplay 
  • Storage-Proofs

Integrations that are needed in the ecosystem:

  • Bridges, Wallets and Indexers (Fuel has its native options but we’d like more options for users)
  • TVL statistics dashboards, analytics dashboards.
  • Protocol/Token aggregators, portfolio trackers
  • Native Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) and Stablecoins
  • Cross-chain communication (notifications/messaging) for dapps, wallets, and services

Go beyond monolithic, build on Fuel

Fuel’s new Grants Program is an incredible opportunity for passionate innovators to receive support, mentorship, and exposure to prominent thought leaders in the scalability niche of Web3. By nurturing groundbreaking ideas and fostering the development of the modular blockchain ecosystem, we aim to bring tangible solutions to the forefront of the autonomous future. If you have a project that aligns with our vision and focus areas, we encourage you to apply in the typeform link below.

[Applications are now closed for this cohort, sign up for the newsletter below to be notified when the next cohort’s applications open]

Mark your calendars for the demo day that has been tentatively scheduled for the 2nd-3rd of October, where our inaugural cohort will showcase their progress. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements by following Fuel’s official channels. 

If you feel you’re not quite ready to apply for a grant just yet, take a look at the Sway Summer online hackathon where you can gain hands-on experience exploring Fuel’s stack and native DSL Sway. For those who are not looking to be a grant applicant but are looking to participate in Q4’s demo day, please reach out to us here. 

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