Introducing the Fuel Grants Program

Fuel is offering grants ranging from $10k-$150k USD to developers and creators building on Fuel, the fastest modular execution layer.

Introducing the Fuel Grants Program

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Earlier this year, we introduced Fuel v2, the fastest modular execution layer. With the development of Fuel v2, we have begun to shift away from traditional monolithic structures, where all aspects of a blockchain, (consensus, data availability, and execution), are handled on a single layer.

The introduction of the Fuel VM provides incredibly high levels of throughput through parallelization via UTXOs. The FuelVM learns from the Ethereum ecosystem, implementing improvements that were suggested to the Ethereum VM (EVM) for many years, but couldn’t be implemented due to the need of maintaining backward compatibility. We have seen a radical uptick of interest in Fuel, particularly from developers interested in building a modular future with us.

From decentralized exchanges to lending markets, oracles, NFT projects, and more, the Fuel ecosystem is growing significantly. Already, we have a large number of projects building, including:

  • Elix - an advanced decentralized exchange doing deep research into bonding curves - Twitter
  • Microchain - A low-cost, easy-to-use token swapping terminal with two major benefits... versatility and simplicity - Twitter
  • UNIC - Bringing real-world items on-chain as NFTs - Twitter  
  • Fuel Nomen - A decentralized naming service for Fuel
  • Thunder - A fully on-chain NFT marketplace allowing for batch listing and purchasing with an emphasis on UX/UI experience for users.
  • Poolsharks - OceanBook is an open-source web3 protocol that makes it easy for users, protocols, and DAOs to set limit orders all in one aggregated orderbook. - Twitter
  • Acumen - bridging DeFi and Traditional Finance, Acumen democratizes access to capital to thousands of SMEs and Entrepreneurs while allowing crypto lenders to earn an attractive, stable, and uncorrelated yield - Twitter
  • Orao - an oracle service for custom data feeds - Twitter

What is the Fuel Grants Program?

The Fuel Grants Program is designed to support projects building on Fuel. Currently, we are offering generous grants ranging from $10,000-$150,000 USD to developers, creators, and new or existing projects to build on the world's fastest modular execution layer.

We welcome all builders with a passion for decentralization, web3, and building the modular future. We envision an autonomous future, where systems are built to power the next generation of human coordination and cooperation. Building on Fuel means breaking free from the constraints of monolithic blockchains.

The grants program is not limited to what you see in this post, however; but will evolve over time. As interest grows both within our ecosystem, and external to it, we will take time to listen to the people building, understanding their needs, and wants for an ecosystem. This ecosystem is not defined by us, but by the projects building within it.

The Application Process


Fuel is a budding ecosystem, and we’re in search of a variety of exciting projects to build on our protocol. When applying for a grant, please consider the following categories, and in particular where your project fits in. Note that projects that do not fit into a specific category are still welcome to apply!

  • Protocol development
  • Applications and integrations (think DeFi apps)
  • Infrastructure
  • Developer tooling
  • Auditing
  • Community (marketing and educational)
  • Events and hackathons

Criteria and Guidelines for Applications

When applying for an ecosystem grant, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Project name;
  • Description and stage of the project;
  • Why do you want to build on Fuel, and how your project benefits Fuel;
  • The scope of your project and milestones;
  • How many people are working on the project;


  • All projects must commit to being open source via MIT or Apache Licensing.
  • We don't require developers to be public, but to receive funding we require identity verification.

We welcome applications from projects at varying stages of development, from early ideation to MVP and beyond. We’d also love to hear from projects already building on other chains who want to deploy on Fuel as well.

Review Process

We review applications on a rolling basis and will contact you after we have completed an internal review. This process can take up to two weeks, and we may contact you in the interim for any clarifications regarding your application.

The Fuel team will then reach out to you to arrange an interview, and following this, confirm our decision on the application. If your application is approved, we will work with you through an onboarding process, establish certain milestones for the project, and get you started on building on Fuel!


To apply for a grant, fill out this form.

We’re incredibly excited to launch this Grants program, to see more of you building on Fuel, and taking the modular-pill. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to

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Fuel is the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack. Powerful and sleek, the technology enables parallel transaction execution, empowering developers with the highest flexible throughput and maximum security required to scale. Developers choose the FuelVM for its superior developer experience and the ability to go beyond the limitations of the EVM.

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